Earth Day Sustainability Tips

As we celebrate Earth Day, keep these sustainability tips in mind. There are simple ways to make changes to your home to make a difference in our environment. 

🌎 Retire Your Dryer: Consider using a drying rack whenever possible to save money and reduce your carbon footprint

🌎 Switch To Better Bulbs: Switch to LEDs, CFLs or halogen bulbs as they use as little as 20% of the electricity 

🌎 Refresh Your Air Filters: Clean or Replace your HVAC filters every three months to make it run more efficiently

🌎 Pull the Plug on Your Devices: Almost 10% of your energy bill goes to “Phantom Power” consumption

🌎 Banish Bottled Water: Producing just one plastic bottle of water requires 2,000 times as much energy as producing the same amount of tap water. It also creates massive amounts of plastic waste.

If you have questions or if you or anyone you know needs real estate help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me anytime!

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