You Could be in a New Home for the Holidays

Have you been dreaming of selling your home, buying a new one and moving in before the holidays? This scenario is actually fairly common and totally doable. I can guide you through the process, negotiate the best terms and get you into a new home – all in time to celebrate with family and friends. Here’s how you can get started.

Understand the Market

Although spring and summer are considered peak buying and selling season, you can still snag a great deal during fall and winter months – if you have a good handle on your local market. I am an invaluable resource for information on current inventory, comparable properties, average home prices and median days on the market. Once you know where you stand, you can weigh the options and make smart decisions.

Prepare Your Home for Listing

Now is the time to do a careful review of your property and determine if any repairs or upgrades are needed. I can provide a list of trusted vendors, tradespeople and contractors to take care of larger tasks while staging your house for broad buyer appeal, arranging professional photography and marketing your home for maximum exposure.

Get Ready to Move

To further prepare your home for the market, you want to start decluttering and depersonalizing by boxing up items for donation or storage. You can make this process manageable by targeting one room at a time. Before you know it, you’ll be one step closer to the big move.

Evaluate Your Finances

Taking a realistic look at your financial situation is crucial to determining the size and location of the home you want to purchase and if you need to sell your current home before buying. I can connect you with a reputable lender who will walk you through the available loan options. Having a good understanding of your finances will also ease any stress you may be feeling.

Find Your New Home

To help narrow down the search, create a wish list, prioritize your “must-haves” and check out homes for sale on or in person with me. While viewing properties, imagine living there. Is the dining space large enough for Thanksgiving dinner? Do you have somewhere to hang your stockings? How will your holiday lights look to neighbors passing by? If you feel that emotional connection, you know you’ve found the one.

So, is it possible to buy and sell before the holidays? The answer is yes. By working closely with me, you can set a timeline, plan out your strategy and ring in the new year in your new home.

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